Sharrow: Make space, share cost
       First let me start on a positive note and state that I like the idea of bicyclists having their own lane. I have yet to have an incident with one but they do intimidate me as I drive past them.
       The article [“Are you ready for 'sharrow'?” in the Sept. 11 Westside Pioneer)] disturbed me in the respect that it pointed out that I am subservient to them. My issue is not so much with the spandex-clad racer types; they seem to be knowledgeable about laws, safety considerations, and are generally courteous. It is with the others who have no regard for stoplights, stop signs, traffic laws, common courtesy, or safety. I personally witnessed two children bicycling east on the wrong side of Colorado Avenue run the red light at 25th, and it had been red for a bit. They never even looked. Luckily, the car in front of me saw them and waited. Yesterday, a white-haired man ran the stop sign at 23rd and Bijou like it wasn't even there.
       Maybe your idea [Sept. 11 Editor's Desk, “Let's 'sharrow' the costs, too”] of making bicyclists responsible for their share of the use of the road would also make them more law-abiding. (Ok, I never stated that my reality wasn't part fantasy). But if there is a dramatic increase in bikes, we are going to have to get along. Making space for them is good common sense. Making them financially responsible is also good common sense.

J. A. Marsh