Meeting Sept. 22 for West Center community garden

       The public is invited to a meeting Tuesday, Sept. 22 to discuss starting a community garden on the grounds of the West Center.
       The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the community center, 1628 W. Bijou St.
       A tentative idea is for raised beds, with 10 to 15 plots of 10 by 10 feet each being leased out to locals. However, “we want to get ideas, not just set it up the way we want it,” said E.D. Rucker, executive director of the West Center.
       Water is available on site, and a backhoe can be brought in as needed, he added.
       Envisioned for planting next spring, the garden would be created in what was the playground area for Buena Vista Elementary before City Parks took over the site from School District 11.
       Rucker said he has helped set up community gardens at other Colorado Springs community centers, including Deerfield Hills, which is “packed and has a waiting list every year.”
       The garden discussion will take place as part of another new center initiative called “Network Sessions” - a weekly get-together to which community members are invited to drop by and talk about issues of interest to them, Rucker said.
       For more information, call 385-7920.

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