PTA pioneer Nora Brown is parade’s Westside Recipient

       Nora Brown, who has created or rejuvenated Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) at the three schools her children have attended, will be honored as the Westside Recipient in this year's Coronado High School Homecoming Parade.

Nora Brown stands in front of a mural of Coronado's cougar mascot inside the Student Council classroom at the school.
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       Perhaps fittingly, her younger daughter Adrian, now a Coronado senior, will drive the golf cart carrying her mother in the parade through Old Colorado City Saturday, Sept. 26, starting at 9 a.m.
       “It's a great honor,” Brown said. “I love Coronado, and I love the Westside. It's been a lot of fun up here working with those kids.”
       Asked about the choice of Brown, Coronado Student Body President Tyler Romero said, “She's contributed a lot, not just to Coronado but to the Westside community. Without her assistance, it would be hard for us to do what we have to do.”
       Brown's PTA saga started at Chipeta Elementary, continued through Holmes and on to the high school, which had no PTA at all before Brown and her older daughter Kelsey (class of '08) arrived. She obtained a charter and set to work.
       Now the Coronado PTA organizes a career fair, aids programs for music and sports, leads the Cougar Charity (which is selling armrest plaques in the new auditorium to support the school arts program), provides teacher appreciation awards, coordinates the school's extracurricular PTA Reflections program and sells school merchandise through the Spirit Store.
       This year, Brown is also the El Paso County PTA president and a member of the Colorado PTA board. “Parent and community involvement is a key factor in student achievement,” she said.
       She has no doubt that the PTA will continue when she leaves after this school year. After all, the Chipeta and Holmes PTAs are still going strong, and at Coronado Brown has expanded the membership to well over 100 parents and teachers. “Last year we logged over 8,000 volunteer hours,” she said. “The activities we supported at Coronado are ingrained now. It has to continue. I hope it continues.”
       The Westside Recipient is an annual award given by Coronado students to an individual or entity that has continually contributed to the school and Westside.

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