Westside schools: District 11 open house during Sept. 23 school day

       School District 11 wants the public to see how its schools work.
       To that purpose, the district has declared an “open house” in all its schools - including the 13 on the Westside - during school hours Thursday, September 23.
       “We really want the community to come and visit a District 11 school,” said District 11 spokesperson Elaine Naleski. “This is an event where people can come in and see what's going on at a neighborhood school while it's in session.”
       The event is not specifically tied in with the district's buildings bond issue. “We'd been planning this before the board voted for the bond in August,” Naleski said. “Sometimes we do this in the spring, but this year we decided to do it in the fall and see if more people will come out. It's not really geared for the bond, but getting people in the schools.”
       Nothing special is planned for visitors - although a few schools may offer cookies, she said.
       The times are as follows:
       Elementary schools - 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
       Middle schools - 8:45 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.
       High schools - 7:45 a.m. - 3 p.m.
       For more information, contact District 11 at 520-2005.
       Members of a Denver club focusing on fencing and pentathlon are scheduled to visit West Middle School Friday, Sept. 17. The club includes some former Olympians. The athletes will talk about their Olympic experiences and the value of hard work and dedication. They will also demonstrate their sports and give students an opportunity to try them.
       The Coronado fencing team is scheduled to be among those in attendance, according to Carrie Delius, a West physical education teacher.
       There will be three demonstrations during the day - one each for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, she said.
       The recent, lamented passing of “Pumpkin Man” Nick Venetucci means he will never get to see the statue being created in his honor. The statue, expected to be erected outside the Pioneer Museum this month, has been funded in part by contributions from families at the following Westside schools: Bristol, Buena Vista, Pike, Washington, Whittier, West and Coronado. Money was still being collected this month. For more information, call School District 11 Volunteer Services at 520-2202.
       The following are the new staff at Buena Vista Elementary:
       Paula Strobl, Primary Montessori.
       Clarice Hastings, Lower Elem Montessori.
       Andrea Corbett, Full Day Kindergarten.
       Terry Vincent, Half Day Kindergarten.
       Michaele Weakland, 1st grade.
       Susan Garsoe, 4th grade.
       Nick Lopez, Physical Education.

Westside Pioneer article from a press release