EDITOR’S DESK: Doing some ‘campaigning’

       An “editorial campaign” has a nice ring to it. So nice that there it is on Page 1 of this issue, above the unabashedly subjective article calling for a pedestrian overpass at 25th Street to safely bring people from the Midland side of Highway 24 to the Old Colorado City side.
       I'll admit, the proposal hits pretty close to home. We could walk to it from our house. But that's just it. We do live here. And who better to come up with ideas for beneficial changes than residents themselves? Someone else in our Midland neighborhood - Anna England, who has been a strong community supporter over the years - wants government help to slow traffic on Broadway Street (which goes past Midland Elementary as well as her house). She's going around collecting signatures on a petition.
       Many neighborhoods have such efforts going. But some good ideas unfortunately fall by the wayside. The nature of bureaucracy can be discouraging. Take Jim Corcoran of the Pleasant Valley Association. All he wanted from the city was a little bit of a median on 31st Street for a Pleasant Valley welcome sign. As he's been heard to comment since, he might have had better luck proposing a brothel.
       In any case, we'll keep plugging away at our overpass campaign. We think it would help a lot of people. And if you have ideas of yours you'd like to share, please let us know.

- K.J.