COBWEB CORNERS: A walk on the Avenue: Part 2

By Mel McFarland

       So last week we were in 1961; today will be 1954. Like I said, there will be some familiar names, but not many. Starting again at 23rd, the same familiar names are there. Up on the next corner, Mervin Sinclair Service is where Pikes Peak National Bank's drive-through is now, and Colonial Antiques is across 24th.
       It is Nelson's Insurance next door to the Merri-Lane with the Blue Lantern next down the street. On the corner by the park is the general office of Immanuel Missionary, and their church in the old bank building. Back on the south side of the street Goffe- Wilkins is still there as well as Henry's and Henri's. On the corner is Osborne Drug Store, and West End Furniture. On the northwest corner, the Coz-Zy Corner Cafe and Stowell's Variety Store face Tapp's Food Store. At 2512, we find Cooper- Lidke and the Post Office, but across the street Sno-White has 2515-19. After the post office, Scott Decorating, Kitchen Maid Bakery, Frontier Bar, Schoch's Hardware, West Side Barber Shop, and John Croff's Paint Store are followed by the Colorado Springs Independent with Peerless Printing Company at 2526.
       At 26th, it is Ed Prenzlow's filling station and groceries, with John Hartman's gas station on the north side. At 2607 is West Side Grocery. I wonder if Ed took many of their business. Anyway, down in the next block, Clark's and Bungalow Court are still there. but next door to Clark's was Frosty Delight soft ice cream. Weller Lumber was still on the corner, but it was called the Amarilla Motel. Turney's Groceries had Midway Realty next door on the north side. Upstairs at the fire house was The Recreation Hall.
       I remember Dennen Market sitting where the Mason Jar presently sits. It was a classic old grocery store, and still had all kinds of candy in glass jars when it closed a few years later. Down the block on the north side was Anna Ray Grocery, but by this time it was just about out of business, as I remember. On the other side of 31st, Cupp's Cottages was doing quite a business in the summer, as were many of the people who lived along Colorado. Some had converted their garages into cottages to rent to the tourists.
       Next week we jump back to Colorado Avenue during World War II!