EDITORíS DESK: Looking behind the fiery words

       Most of the time, it seems, the Westside is kind of self-regulating, with people figuring out ways to go along and still get along with others in the community.
       This issue of the Westside Pioneer is not indicative of such a time. The angry words between Rose Kliewer of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) and West Side Tattoo (represented by co-owner Aaron Moore) pretty much jump off the page. I had hoped to temper things a bit, but Rose asked that her letter run, and Aaron felt strongly that he needed to write what he wrote.
       So now that the flames are being fanned in public, what's it all mean? I kind of think it's more than just a happenstance, that maybe it's a sign of change. Without taking anything away from the current OWN board (Rose and her associates do tons of thankless work aimed at keeping the Westside strong), possibly it's time for new blood and fresh ideas. The group's focus seems to have become riveted on residential property values - that's a key motivation for the historic overlay OWN has proposed. But there are so many other matters of consequence to Westsiders, it seems remarkable that one, the tattoo shop mural should have been such a fervid topic at OWN's meeting last week and two, that board members had nothing else on their agenda. Remember, they're working under a new plan this year, in which town meetings are every other month instead of monthly.
       In any event, the mural issue has sparked something. Let's see if, pardon the pun, we can use it to cook, not just burn.

- K.J.