Bollards add light to 25th & Colorado

       Enthused by the appearance of the new bollards (short lights) at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue, members of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District are thinking about proliferating them at other intersections in the historic shopping district.
       “I think they're v attractive looking,” said Maintenance District Committee Chair Judy Kasten. “It makes the intersection look less cluttered.”
       The appearance of the bollards simultaneously means a reduction in the old globe lights that were a dominant part of the Old Colorado City look for about a quarter of a century. Those lights have been slowly removed as they have failed over the years or - as was the case at 25th and Colorado - to allow their underground wiring to be used for the new bollards.
       The plan with the 43-inch-high bollards is to shed more light where pedestrians cross the avenue at intersections, Kasten said. Two are at each corner, each pair straddling the handicapped ramp.
       The district committee approved a plan last spring to experiment with the short lights at 25th and Colorado. Each bollard costs about $450 for purchase and installation.

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