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EDITOR'S DESK: Sunk by a sinkhole... and more!

       By Kenyon Jordan

       Wow, where to start?
       How about the sinkhole on Chestnut Street? It started as a small asphalt divot, and now the bridge over Douglas Creek will have to be redone, and the street there is closed indefinitely...
       I know, the above is a poor advertisement for trusting the

city on its November ballot question for a .62 percent sales-tax hike to fix the roads. But having covered city government for many years, I believe the road guys especially do everything they can to stretch a buck. And I know they did not like last winter's potholes any more than the rest of us did. But don't feel like you have to trust me. The city has a good FAQ at coloradosprings.gov...
       Some local lady decided to befriend - and even name - the two pigs at Rock Ledge Ranch this year. Big mistake. Every winter the ranch brings in young pigs to enjoy a year of farm life, then are slaughtered for the “Everything But the Oink” event in November, to help educate the public about how early farmers got by. Stricken by this reality, this lady has started a petition drive hoping to end it (of course, it would be far too easy to just not go to the event herself). Anyway, she claims to have thousands of signers. I asked her how many of them eat pork products and she said she didn't ask. I guess they figure that their supermarket bacon comes off a tree...
       Speaking of death and overreaction, have you noticed how the climate-change argument has been ratcheted up? Used to be, all we had to worry about was future temperature hikes ruining L.L. Bean down-comforter sales. But now the charge is murder. A Gazette reporter managed to slip such a factoid into a news article recently, quoting some study to the effect that Drake power plant emissions “kill five people a year.” Some climate zealots are taking it a step further, trumpeting the suspiciously poignant news that it's impoverished minority children who are doing the dying. Odd thing, though, about all those “deaths” - what are the people's names? Anybody? Seriously, folks, we need to wake up about this. Government climate control is a will-o'-the-wisp, threatening the miracle of reliable energy for all. In the end the only control will be them, over us.

(Posted 9/14/15; Opinion: Editor's Desk)

       Kenyon Jordan is the editor of the Westside Pioneer.

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