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Gold Hill station a 'Back the Blue' stop for Thank a Police Officer Day Sept. 19

       In honor of the third annual Thank a Police Officer Day Saturday, Sept. 19, a Colorado Springs group is asking citizens to visit their City Police or El Paso County Sheriff's Office stations and let officers know they appreciate them.
       The group has a website titled “See You at the Station: Back the Blue.” According to the website, backtheblue.org, the organizer is Sarah Tinan, the daughter of a retired CSPD sergeant, the wife of an Air Force Security Forces training manager and the sister-in-law of an EPSO deputy.
       Thank a Police Officer Day is led by a national group
The ceremony for the grand opening of the Gold Hill Police Station March 6, 2006, included speakers and music in front of the new building (just visible at far left).
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called The Whole Truth Project, whose website states that it “is dedicated to protecting innocent police officers, wrongfully accused of police misconduct in wrongful conviction lawsuits and other civil rights cases.”
       The police station for the Westside is Gold Hill, at 875 Moreno St.
       Here is a commentary about Sept. 19 (edited for news style only) that appears on the Facebook page accessible from backtheblue.org:
       “Throughout the day, drop by your CSPD sub-station (Gold Hill, the POC [Police Operations Center], Stetson Hills, Falcon, Sand Creek, Downtown Peak Station and/or the El Paso County Sheriff's Department locations on Tejon or Vermijo) to publicly support and encourage our city's dedicated law enforcement officers.
       “As we witness nationwide verbal, emotional and physical attacks on men and women in blue, it is imperative that our officers feel and recognize our support and gratitude. Compounding the typical stressors of an officer's job, they are experiencing threats, refusal of service, character assassination addressing their families' deepening fears and the public dismantling of the honor and pride in their service.
       “It is time to say, and say loudly, 'We see you, we value you, we stand with you, and we will watch your backs now.' Come with signs/posters of your support: Bring coffee and donuts (yes!), bring packaged store-bought cookies, sandwiches, treats, notes, cards, flowers, balloons... creative ways to uplift and encourage! Bring your kids!
       “Our hope is to see local/chain businesses come alongside us in support to honor these men and women incredibly well. If you are the manager/owner of such an organization that would like to partner with us, please message me. We will update as we grow! See you at the Station!"

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(Posted 9/14/15; Community: Public Safety)

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