Westside-Manitou phone book planned

       Another phone book? Mike Sego of Echo Pages thinks people in Manitou Springs and much of the Westside will like the one he's planning to put out this January.
       For one thing, it will be smaller than phone books that cover the whole city. The Echo Pages version will take in just three zip codes: 80829 (Manitou), 80904 (older Westside) and 80934 (the West End Station's post office boxes). Sego also pledges the book will have accurate listings (bought from Qwest), various coupons, larger print, quick-reference capabilities, restaurant menus; cover art by a local artist and a “strong community section.”
       After starting Echo Pages 2 ½ years ago, Sego and co-founder/partner Rob Crawley publish books now in 16 locations. Most are in the Denver area; they added a Teller County book this year. The Echo office is in Greenwood Village.
       “The Colorado Springs books cover the whole area and they're huge and expensive,” Sego said. “A lot of businesses don't draw from all over town. With our book, people can find the businesses in their own area. It makes life more convenient and helps smaller businesses grow.”
       A total of 17,000 Manitou-Westside books will be printed, he said.
       An Echo Pages representative has been approaching area businesses in recent weeks about advertising in the new book's yellow pages. Sego said the response has been favorable so far. The cut-off for getting in the Manitou-Westside publication is late November. The local phone number is 302-5575.

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