FedEx volunteers help upgrade landscaping for nonprofit’s homes

       As part of FedEx Cares Week, 10 volunteers from the delivery company improved the landscaping outside Westside houses off 19th Street owned by Partners In Housing (PIH) Sept. 11.
       The nonprofit agency provides affordable housing for families around the city, particularly those working their way out of homelessness.
       With direction from Robert Montoya and Donnis Martin of PIH, the FedEx volunteers were replacing existing grass with xeriscaping and replacing sprinkler systems with drip systems. This will save money in watering and maintenance, a press release states.
       FedEx has worked with PIH in the past, providing materials as well as volunteer time, according to Mark Necessary of FedEx.
       Sherl Shaw of FedEx additionally helps with FedEx-supported fund drives for PIH, including at Christmas. Joined by coworkers Jolene Hogan and Kathy Atkinson on such efforts (including Sept. 11), Shaw said the motivation is “the spirit of giving.”

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