City rebuffs angle parking plan

       A merchant proposal to create diagonal parking along Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City has been nixed by City Traffic Engineering. For now, at least, the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group will not argue the ruling, OCCA President Jim Heikes said this week.
       The OCCA board had voted last spring in favor of the idea, which would have made room for angled parking by reducing the avenue from four to two lanes. The idea was to slow traffic and (because of the angled alignment) create more on-street parking spaces. The Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Committee had provided consensus (but not quite unanimous) support in June, believing the strategy could help business.
       The city opposed the plan because it did not want to impede motorists on a major arterial street (which Colorado Avenue is), Traffic Engineering later told Old Colorado City officials.
       “The city said it would slow traffic too much,” Heikes said. “We believe it needs to be slowed.” He added that the decision might be appealed, but only “at a later date.”
       The city rejection was the most recent in the face of Old Colorado City business leaders' repeated efforts to cut down on speeding through the shopping district. Turndowns have previously been given to proposals for a stoplight, flashing lights or just a crosswalk at 24th Sreet and Colorado Avenue.

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