PPMH grant means more down-and-outers will get examined

       Pikes Peak Mental Health (PPMH), located at Moreno Street on the Westside, expects to examine an additional 240 people a year as the result of a grant it recently received in partnership with Colorado Springs Police.
       The target population is adults in the core downtown Colorado Springs area with serious mental illnesses who have committed non-violent criminal offenses, a press release states. Such people are also typically low-income, uninsured, substance abusers and often homeless
       “It is anticipated that a high percentage of these individuals can attain behavioral health stability” through the program, the release states.
       “We're all excited about this,” said Sharon Raggio, chief operating officer for the Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group, which includes PPMH as part of its group of collaborative organizations. “There will be more people who will be treated.”
       The grant is from the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

Westside Pioneer/press release