Coronado High parade Sept. 22

       Although having to be organized quicker because of an earlier-than-usual date this year, the 38th annual Coronado High School Homecoming Parade should be as “awesome” as ever Saturday, Sept. 22, according to Student Body President Andrew Ives.
       Starting at 9 a.m., the parade is scheduled to have 24 floats, bands, cars or walking/biking groups - plus, more than likely, some free-wheeling golf carts - bopping through Old Colorado City. Colorado Avenue will be closed off for the occasion from 28th to 24th streets. Festivities will end with a pep rally at Bancroft Park, revving up school spirit for the Homecoming football game against Rampart High at 1 p.m. that day at Garry Berry Stadium.
       Coronado is the high school into which all the Westside public schools feed. The parade is organized by the CHS Student Council.
       Ives, who previously attended Jackson Elementary and West Middle School, said the parade is a good way for Westsiders to find out about Coronado, which is the flagship high school for the Westside's public schools. Also, “the parade helps kids see that there's people on the Westside who help the school out,” he said.
       Another good reason for the event? “It's an awesome way to get ready for Homecoming.”
       As is traditional, the school will make an entire week out of the event, with “spirit days” Monday through Friday, and the Homecoming Dance the night of the parade and game.
       Typically, the Homecoming game is in October, but this year it got moved up because of the way the football schedule worked out, according to CHS athletic director Dave Howard.
       As a result, “a lot of people aren't that organized yet,” Ives said.
       But they're working on it. The parade line-up shows most of the entries from past years, including several of the Westside schools and Coronado clubs, classes and sports teams. Music is to come from the Coronado High School and West marching bands.
       All floats are eligible for the prize that goes to the float that is judged the best of all - $250, of which $100 can be kept by the float-makers and $150 to the charity of their choice.

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