Westside graphics artist inks Balloon Classic logo

       When Dana Susan Beasley submitted three design ideas in the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic's logo competition last December, she was sure she'd done a lousy job. “They'll never call,” she told herself. Dana Susan Beasley won the design competition with her Colorado Balloon Classic logo (right) for the 31st annual 
event. The selection won her a ride in a hot-air balloon during the Classic over Labor Day weekend.
Logo courtesy of  Dana Susan Beasley
       So it was a real thrill for the Westside graphics artist when the Balloon Classic organizers not only called, they selected one of her designs as the logo for the 31st annual event that took place over the recent Labor Day weekend.
       There was no remuneration, just the joy of seeing her creation on this year's Classic shirts, bags, pins and patches… plus a chance to go up in one of the balloons. “It was very exciting,” Beasley said of the 50-minute soar that she shared with her mother, Ann Neal, and Kenneth Paulk, driver/owner of the balloon named Angel Danzer, while her husband Travis and their 6-year-old son followed them in a car. “A little nerve-wracking and crowded, but I got to be the navigator.”
       Now she hopes the “momentum” of having her art selected for the Classic's log will help her business, AngelArts, which she started four years ago.
       “It's a confidence-booster really,” she said. “It's something really good to say, that I won this contest.”
       One of the fun offshoots was presenting a slide show of balloon-ride photos at her son's school.
       She credited a summer intern, college student Erin Culbreath, for helping fine-tune the logo after the initial design was selected. When efforts to add a columbine (a Balloon Classic suggestion) didn't come together, Culbreath worked with Beasley on the banner that became part of the final version, she said.
       AngelArts specializes in gift cards (using Ann Neal's art), as well as novelty art, magnets, prints and giclees. Beasley can be reached by appointment at 785-4814 or e-mail at dbeasley@angelarts.biz. Her website is angelarts.biz

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