EDITORíS DESK: Putting on the cynicís hat

       There's this cynic's hat lying around our office, and every so often I can't resist putting it on. The world looks so different then. For example, I look at the recent study of Fountain Creek, and I see it as permanent employment for microbiologists. Here's how it works: The state and feds set an unrealistic standard so that when it's violated on Upper Fountain Creek, a study is called for. The recent study, which by the way cost $440,000, proceeds to find that the cause is a source that can't be completely proven (Manitou pigeons) and can't be prevented in any case. But the good news is that as long as the creek is deemed to be in violation, it can qualify for grants to study it further. And who wants to bet that the next study will be inconclusive in some regards also, leading to yet another study? And so forth. OK, I'm no scientist, but (cynic's hat talking here) wouldn't it make more sense to examine the logic of the standard itself - based as it is on a formula desiring no more than 8 illnesses for every 1,000 people who immerse themselves in a body of water? I mean, after all, this is a creek that virtually nobody ever swims in!
       But the cynic's hat doesn't work for everything. For example, the use of Pike school for the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony. It's hard to imagine a tenant more ideal. Stories are already emerging about curious neighborhood kids, attracted by the musical strains wafting through the open doors between the gym and the playground, coming up and standing in the doorway to listen. The Youth Symphony leadership wants to reach out to these new neighbors, not to mention potential students, and perhaps some good connections will be made at their open house Sept. 21.
       There's another thing happening that defies scoffing. That's the announcement by the Boriello Brothers ownership to give all their proceeds from their five pizza joints this Sept. 13 to firefighters in honor of their sacrifice in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. For that, I take my hat off altogether.

- K.J.