COBWEB CORNERS: If fate had gone differently!

By Mel McFarland

       In 1911 Colorado City went to Colorado Springs to discuss annexation, but at the same time there were talks about a different sort of annexation. These died out, but it makes a fun story to consider.
       A group of Manitou businessmen, called the Hot Iron Club, wanted to make Manitou larger. This could be done by annexing Colorado City. Why not make Manitou more important? The supporters of the plan went to the Manitou City Council with their plan. R. E. L. Giles of the Hot Iron Club said, "We want to have this change in effect by next summer." However, it seems the whole idea upset everyone, including Colorado City!
       Now I have mentioned previously the changes in Colorado City's street names and numbers. The Hot Iron Club proposed a similar updating in Manitou, where a few major streets had names, but most houses were known by names, not numbers. To add to the confusion, the few places that had numbers related more to when they were built, not what order they were on a street.
       The houses eventually were numbered, and renumbered and renumbered again. The main reason was mail delivery coming to Manitou. Before that, when people got their mail at the post office, they did not need to know where the house was, just some way to designate its identity.
       We all know that Colorado City was annexed into Colorado Springs in 1917. Between 1900 and 1917, houses were renumbered at least twice and some streets renamed three times, and some actually vanished. The Westside Pioneer editor and I have had great conversations on No Man's Land. If the Hot Iron Club's plan for Manitou annexing Colorado City had gone through in 1911, that area nowadays would not be called unclaimed.