COBWEB CORNERS: A walk on the Avenue: Part 1

By Mel McFarland

       I have had a few ask where a few things, like the Post Office, used to be located. So I am going to take you on a series of walks along Colorado Avenue, pointing out some of the businesses as we go. Today it will be from about 40 years ago.
       The year is 1961. Many of the stores have stayed what they were for many years, but some have changed into things they will be for many years (a few lasting till 2004!). Now I could fill this paper if I tried to describe them all, so I will hit a few highlights. Our walk will start at 23rd Street. Blunt Mortuary is on the corner (like in 2004), but across from it is F&L Foods, which made Golden Flake Potato Chips. I can still remember the aroma. Across the street on the north side is Safeway. Down at 2314 was Empire Super Market. On the southwest corner of 24th Street and the Avenue is Royal Bicycle Shop, and just up the street is Don Bates Insurance. Next door was the Merri-Lane Restaurant, a fine place to eat. There are plenty of popular businesses, like Goffe-Wilkins Hardware, Duckwall's Department store, and even Orville's Barber Shop, and two shoe repair shops: Henry's and West Side. Henri's Mexican Food was at 2417, but on the corner at 25th is Peiper Drugstore.
       On the north corner is West End Furniture. Across 25th you can find Pike's Peak Photo at 2506. At 2512 is the West End Post Office and Cooper Lidke Drugstore. Sno White Cleaners holds a few spaces on the south side, but Schoch's Hardware is firmly at 2522. Between the post office and Schoch's is The What-Not Shop, Scott's Decorating, which does signs and sells art supplies, Kitchen Maid Bakery, and the famous Roger's Bar.
       Across 26th we find Edna Service Station and on the north side Scotland Pride Dairy Store #3. In the next block are the Clark's gas station and across the street, the Bungalow Court. A memorable name - Cy's Drive In - is just west of Clark's. Across the street is Weller Lumber Company.
       On the other side of 28th, on the northwest corner, is Westem Taxidermy and AAA Rubber Stamp. Amarillo Motel is holding its corner. Station 5 of the Fire Department has a long memory.
       Others along the street you might remember are Earl James' gas station, Cupp's Cottages, Eddy's Drive Inn and maybe even the Glendale Motel. Say, you ever heard of Adams Crossing? That is another story!