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Volunteer tutors needed for Literacy Center; can be as young as 14

       The Children's Literacy Center is seeking volunteers and students for one-to-one tutoring.
       Tutors can be as young as 14 years old. After being trained in the center's Peak Reader curriculum, each tutor works with one child two hours a week for three months.
       The program is aimed at helping children who are reading below their class level (grades 1 through 6).
       The Children's Literacy Center is a nonproft organization, founded in Colorado Springs and headquartered at 2928 Straus Lane, Suite 100.
       For more information, call 471-8672 or e-mail program director Sierra Maloch at sierra@childrensliteracycenter.org.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 9/9/15; Community: Charitable)

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