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Coronado Homecoming Parade Sept. 19 in OCC; 10 a.m. start this year

       Starting at 10 a.m. - an hour later than in the past - the 35th annual Coronado High Homecoming Parade will bring lively school faces to Old Colorado City Saturday, Sept. 19.
       Consisting of 30 to 40 entries from Coronado clubs, sports and programs as well as its feeder schools, the parade will take Colorado Avenue from about 30th Street to Bancroft Park, where a pep rally will follow in the bandshell at about 10:30. The street will be closed between 30th and the park most of the morning, as a result.
       The pancake breakfast, a fundraiser
The Cougar cross-country entry featured an enthusiastic crew at the 2014 Coronado High Homecoming Parade on Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City.
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for the parade, is scheduled from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the park pavilion. This time frame also is an hour later than in past years. Volunteer students and staff will do the cooking.
       According to Daniel Wandeler, the 2015-16 school-year Coronado student president, the goal is to connect with the Westside community. “We'd like to get more people out,” he said in an interview when the new plan was revealed last May.
       After the pep rally, student activities will continue in the park until 11 or 11:30 a.m., added Michele Chappelear, the high school's student government advisor, in a more recent interview. “We hope people will hang out and go to some of the businesses in Old Colorado City,” she said.
       Another change this year is that the Homecoming Parade will be after Coronado's Homecoming Game (on Friday night, Sept. 18). The past tradition has been to have the parade before a Saturday afternoon game, then a dance in the evening. “That made for a really long day,” Chappelear said. “This is more of celebrating homecoming than sending football players off to homecoming.”
       Coronado, the only District 11 high school west of I-25, has had the parade since 1981. It's part of a week of Homecoming-related activities, organized by the president and elected student cabinet and those in the student government class.
       Students decorate their own floats (and sometimes themselves) for the occasion. This year's parade theme will be "Under the Sea."
       Vehicles are typically donated for the day, including pickup trucks and trailers for floats and the convertible Corvettes carrying members of Coronado's Homecoming Court.
       Because of the parade, the Bancroft Park Farmers Market will not be held that day.
       In a time-related event, the Old Colorado City Library will have its annual Carnegie Day Ice Cream Social Sept. 19, starting at 11 a.m. on the sidewalk in front of the library. The library is on the opposite side of Pikes Peak Avenue from the park. The ice cream is free. The event honors Andrew Carnegie, whose $10,000 donation allowed the library's construction in 1904.

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(Posted 9/13/15, updated 9/15/15; Schools: Coronado High School)

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