Meet a Westsider:
Sharon Kennedy

Profession/Occupation... private caregiver and mother.

What I like most about the Westside is... it has a sense of community without the big- city feel; also, its proximity to the Garden of the Gods and the foothills.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... bring back Furrs Cafeteria. I was planning on being one of the little gray-haired ladies going to lunch there every day.

A good movie I’ve seen recently is... I notoriously fall asleep watching movies, so it takes a pretty good comedy to keep me awake. My all-time favorite is “What about Bob.”

The worst advice I’ve ever gotten was... This isn’t advice but a current expression I don’t like is, “It’s all good.”

If I could meet someone famous, I’d like to meet... I would like to have had lunch with Princess Diana.

The next time I travel, I’m going to... there are so many places on my list, I don’t know which one will be next.

My favorite childhood memory is... playing house under the lilacs at the home where I grew up in Old Colorado City.

My favorite summer pastime is... four-wheeling in my jeep in the high country.

Something good I’ve read is.. “Richest Man in Babylon,” by George Clason.

My pet peeve is... when people have so much junk in their garages they can’t park their vehicles in them. Americans have too much “stuff.”

If I won the lottery, I’d... retire and travel!

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