Goats at Bear Creek Sept. 10

       Weed-eating goats are set to return to Bear Creek Park Monday, Sept. 10.
       Lani Malmberg's 500-strong herd from Landers, Wyo., will dine on noxious weeds in a 19-acre area around the Bear Creek Garden, 21st and Rio Grande streets, for 7 to 10 days after that, according to Char Nymann, president of the Bear Creek Garden Association (BCGA).
       Malmberg previously brought her hungry horde in early July. The goats are being funded this year by a $10,000 grant to the volunteer BCGA, along with smaller grants and donations from individuals and organizations. Located within Bear Creek Park, the 19 acres would otherwise be sprayed for weeds by County Parks, but the association prefers to keep the area around its garden as organic as the garden itself.
       Nymann said her organization is fund-raising and looking for grants to pay the cost of bringing back the goats twice a year (spring and fall) for at least the next two years. The theory on using goats for weed control is that they need three straight years to make an area weed-free.
       For more information, call Nymann at 473-5827.

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