Biz buzz:
Goodwill responds to sidewalk banner

       A banner saying “Shame on Goodwill Industries” that has been displayed on the sidewalk in front of the business at 2320 W. Colorado Ave. off and on for several weeks reflects a union complaint against a drywall subcontractor for Goodwill's contractor on its Circle Drive store project.
       Similar complaints (as spelled out on the website for the Carpenters' District Council of Kansas City and Vicinity) have been levied against various companies that allegedly pay workers as independent contractors instead of as employees.
       Goodwill Industries, one of the Westside's major employers, has been “disappointed” at being picketed for its indirect involvement in the issue, but has experienced no loss of trade as a result, said spokesperson Laura Marth. “Our whole mission is helping people find better jobs.” She added that the contractor (G.E. Johnson) would not have been hired if Goodwill did not believe it was a reputable company that meets worker requirements.
       Chuck Murphy Constructors, located in the Midland area of the Westside, has recently completed a major restoration of the Spa building in Manitou Springs.
       Owner Charles J. (Chuck) Murphy and partners Lowell Moore and Steve Shuttleworth purchased the building in 2005 when Manitou Springs city government was considering demolition of the long-vacant, delapidated facility.
       The work included development of commercial units on the first floor, residential lofts on the second and third floors, and (to be completed in Septem-ber) restoration of the Spa's Soda Spring.

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