Westside CARES to celebrate 25th year

       Westside CARES will celebrate its 25th anniversary Sept. 20 with a get-together of people from its 22 member churches in Bear Creek Regional Park.
       Anyone else who would like to attend may do so, but they need to sign up in advance by calling Deb Mitguard of the Westside charity at 389-0759 x108.
       Westside CARES (which stands for community action, resources and emergency services) provides food and other emergency aid to people in the area west of I-25 and Highway 115, south of the Air Force Academy, east of Teller County and south to the westward extension of Academy Boulevard.
       Going from 12:30 until about 3 p.m., the event will include a “chili challenge,” lunch, a performance by combined church choirs and a talk by Executive Director Steve Brown.
       Mitguard described the gathering as an “informal celebration” of the quarter-century in which volunteer work and donations from the churches have helped keep Westside CARES going. “It's rare for everyone from the churches to get together and bring their families,” she said.
       The gathering will be at a large pavilion in the grassy park area on the west side of 21st Street. On the opposite side of 21st, also now part of Bear Creek Park, was the the County Poor Farm that used to provide assistance and homes for people down on their luck. According to Brown, Westside CARES was formed in the wake of the Poor Farm's closure in the early 1980s.

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