Family nurturing tradition of playhouse, tea parties


Standing outside the half-century-old playhouse, several generations of Pigg family girls pose for a photo at this summer's tea party. Another, larger playhouse party is being planned for next year.
Courtesy of Verna Lee Fiedler
A tradition has been growing in a Westside family around a 52-year-old, home-made playhouse. According to Verna Lee Fiedler, five generations of Pigg family members participated in a recent summer playhouse party attended by 23 girls in tea dresses, including “many long, old-fashioned ones with home-decorated hats. Lots of memories were renewed and many new ones created.”
       Built in 1957 by Arthur Earl Pigg, the playhouse had originally been built at 2108 W. Cucharras St., and was later moved to its current spot in the backyard of 2115 W. Bijou St. Shirley Davison, granddaughter of Edward Earl and his wife Arlevia, now lives at that address with her family.
       “Many mud pies were made in this playhouse,” recalled Verna Lee (a daughter of Edward and Arlevia), with Christmas an especially popular time. At the recent summer party, memories were shared of past mud pies that had been “decorated with shiny white Christmas snow. Many were tasted, yuk!”
       Another multi-generation playhouse party is planned next summer. “Many more girls from out of state plan to attend next year,” Verna Lee said, adding that there are 61 girls in all in the family.

Edited from a submission by Verna Lee Fiedler