New/old landscape amenities in OCC

       A fourth ore cart and other historical gold-mining paraphernalia have appeared in recent weeks in Old Colorado City.

Landscaping areas incorporating an old gold-mining bucket (foreground) and a wagon wheel (background) were recently created by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District at 25th and Colorado. Photo looks south from northwest corner.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Like the first three carts, the recent one has been placed along the Colorado Avenue sidewalk with actual ore inside so people can view or touch them as they walk by. The first three were at either end of the historic shopping district (27th and 24th streets) and in the 2600 block. The latest is midway through the north side of the 2500 block.
       Located at or near the 25th intersection are the other items - one large and one small bucket and a wheel from an old wagon.
       The added touches are part of the continuing landscaping upgrades by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District, according to Judy Kasten, chair of its advisory committee. The district bought the historic items from Kaye and David Caster, the original owners of the Old Town GuestHouse, who had displayed them in the bed &breakfast's garden before selling the business to Don and Shirley Wick in 2005.
       According to Kasten, the items represent the gold-mining tradition that was so key to Colorado City's history.

The latest Old Colorado City ore cart sits in the afternoon sun on the north side of the 2500 block of Colorado Avenue.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The district is funded by property owners within its confines.

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