Will work to pass mill levy increase
By Stormie Wells

       Some friends and I have been part of the Springs in Bloom program for the past five years. This past week, I heard at the reception for the Springs in Bloom

volunteers what was confirmed in the Westside Pioneer Aug. 27 - that even though we have volunteers pitching in to do much of the maintenance work, we might lose the flowers, not to mention the actual jobs that go with them, performed by a wonderfully dedicated city staff. The flowers are just one item in a long list of city gems that are at risk due to TABOR.
       I am a Colorado native and have lived in Colorado Springs for most of my 35 years. I graduated from Palmer High School, and though I am now a Westsider, I still spend a great deal of time in the downtown area. I grew up playing “park and rec” sports of all kinds, learned how to swim at Portal Pool, and spent countless hours just playing in numerous city parks (complete with green grass). We have been blessed with rain this year, but as many of us who have lived here for the past 20 years will tell you, this amount of rain throughout the summer is uncommon. I cannot imagine my city with brown parks, dry pools and dirt and weed patches where flower beds should be. I could comment on the police and fire cuts as well, but I'll leave that to another responsible citizen whom I am sure will have some comments of his or her own in this area.
       Now, I must admit, I have never actually met Doug Bruce, so to make a personal attack seems in poor taste, when really it is his politics that I feel animosity towards. My energy is probably better spent talking to my friends, neighbors and colleagues, so that they will talk to their friends, neighbors and colleagues, ensuring to the greatest extent possible that our citizenry is accurately informed. Surely we can all agree that there are certain necessities and amenities that we must have in order to make a city safe, beautiful, and fun! One man cannot bring down our city if we are educated, informed and proactive about voting this November. This isn't about Doug Bruce. It is about TABOR, to an extent, but it is really about making sure that we are all informed about what we will be giving up if the mill levy that is being proposed by City Council (very responsibly, I might add) does not pass. Please, friends, neighbors, readers of the Pioneer, I implore you, research the facts and vote yes for Colorado Springs this November. It is our home, and it is up to each of us to pitch in and help keep it the wonderful home that it is.

Wells is a Westside resident and former member of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN).