A little $ help needed for return of goats

       The Bear Creek Garden Association (BCGA) is close to having enough money to pay for the return of the weed-eating goats. To put the fund drive over the top, members of the non-profit group are asking for donations over the next two to three weeks.
       “We need $5,000,” said Char Nymann, BCGA president. “We've got just over $4,000.”
       The goats are desired because of their natural proclivities to munch on weeds and fertilize the ground in the process, with an end result of long-term reductions in weed populations. However, it costs about $5,000 to bring the herd in from Wyoming.
       When the goats can't come, BCGA volunteers weed by hand. Under an agreement with El Paso County, the BCGA is responsible for a 20-acre “buffer” around the association's organic garden in the Bear Creek Park southeast of 21st and Rio Grande streets. State law requires the reduction of state-identified “noxious weeds” on public lands.
       A grant paid for two herd visits of seven days each in the spring and fall of 2007. Ever since then, the association, which receives no government assistance, has been fundraising for the goats' return. If the needed money can be obtained by mid-September or so, this would allow them to come back this fall, Nymann said.
       “Donations to the goat fund are tax deductible,” she explained. “Checks should be made payable to Bear Creek Garden Association - Goat Fund, and mailed to BCGA, Post Office Box 38326, Colorado Springs, CO 80937.
       “Your support of the goat grazing project is important in maintaining our pesticide-free, organic community gardens and 20-acre park area and is very much appreciated.”

Westside Pioneer/press release