EDITORíS DESK: What sort of town do we want?

       Some political issues come across as so obvious that deciding on a satisfactory position isn't really so hard. But once in a while, there is that monster of an issue which offers no completely happy solution and which you know is going to breathe fire on you no matter which direction you choose. The city mill-levy hike proposal seems to fall into that category. There's no denying it's pricey. A 10-mill hike over five years is going to mean just about all us homeowners paying more than $100 additional on our property taxes. I don't have figures at this point on commercial properties, but that can't be a pretty picture either. And with this all happening at a time when foreclosures are dropping property owners left and right, there's no denying that a hit like that in some cases could become the straw (and then some!) on that proverbial camel's back.
       And yet there's no denying that we live on the West and best "side" in one of the finest cities in America, and whether we like it or not, the city manager, whose job requires her to balance the budget, has produced the list of recommended cuts that we've printed on Page 6 of this issue. Make no mistake about it. That's not to "scare" us into voting the city's way. Those cuts are what will in fact happen if we vote the opposite.
       So we poise there on the razor's edge, weighing this information. Yes or no. Look at the cutbacks. Look at the checkbook. Look around us, at our town. It's on that last one that I keep stopping. It's funny how we don't always notice things we enjoy until they're taken away... Rock Ledge Ranch... West and other community centers... city pools... A full complement (or close, anyway) of police, firefighters, bus routes and maintained parks. In the end, for me anyhow, it comes down to a question: What sort of town do I want? So there it is. I'm voting yes.

- K.J.