City Managerís list shows cuts if mill levy fails

       The following are 2010 budget cutbacks as recommended by City Manager Penny Culbreth-Graft, barring passage of the City Council-proposed mill levy increase in November:
  • 35 positions eliminated in the Fire Department (includes 11 positions currently unfilled).
           - Eliminate Squad 108 (6 positions).
           - Cross-staff heavy rescue with truck company (12 positions).
           - Eliminate Squad 7 (6 positions).
  • 24 positions eliminated in the Police Department.
           - Eliminate the police helicopter, Police Operations Center midnight staff, Training Academy sergeant, three juvenile offender officers, a community relations sergeant and officer, and four property investigators.
  • 33 Parks and Recre-ation positions eliminated.
           - Close 5 visitors centers, including Garden of the Gods visitor services staff and programs.
           - Close Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.
           - Close Pioneers Museum except minimum staff to manage collection.
           - Close all 7 city pools.
           - Eliminate flowerbed program.
           - Reduce Forestry [division].
           - Close 6 community centers [including West].
           - Significantly reduce irrigation and maintenance of 85 neighborhood parks, medians and public right of ways.
  • Transit.
           - Eliminate all city-funded transit services (leaving Only RTA-funded).
           - No evening, weekend, holiday, Shriever or Ft. Carson service (62,000 hours).
           - Time between buses extended from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    City Managerís Office, courtesy of Jan Martin