Colorado Springs Parks seeks volunteers for Sept. 18 trail-building project

       About 120 people have signed up for a Sept. 18 trail-building project by Colorado Springs Parks in Red Rock Canyon Open Space… and more are welcome. The times will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
       The focus will be on close to half a mile of trail that starts near the former Bock family house and goes uphill to the old sandstone quarry. The quarry is where the trail work began (going west to connect three canyons) at the city's project with the Denver- based Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado Aug. 28-29.
       “We have it all staged and ready to go,” said Chris Lieber, City Parks trails coordinator. “There's plenty of work to be done.”
       Although the Bock house is not open to the public, the area around it will serve as a focal point for future visitors to Red Rock, with the area just north of it being the farthest people will be able to drive into the property.
       Lieber said some of the work Sept. 18 will involve putting crusher fines (a fine gravelly dirt) onto the designated route, mainly to raise the level above the low-lying land around it that can get soggy during wet weather. There also will be some rock work - although not as much as in the recent canyon-connection effort - plus a “variety of other tasks” related to opening the property to the public this month, he said.
       If enough people show up for the workday, Lieber said he hopes the partially finished sections near Sand Canyon can be completed as well.
       Other volunteer projects are anticipated in the future, although no dates are set. Lieber said the city has been approached by volunteer groups who want to help out in other ways. Some such work has already occurred. “They've done fence removal, trash pickup and climbing route identification,” he said.
       People who want to help out Sept. 18 are asked to call City Parks at 385-5940.

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