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The mayor comes to Midland Elementary - photos of Spirit of the Springs presentation Aug. 29

Standing on the Midland Elementary stage with Principal Jeremy Cramer and members of the school's student council, Mayor Steve Bach holds up the Spirit of the Springs Award he was presenting to the school Aug. 29 in honor of its students tying for first place in the nation in the 2013-14 school year for syllabus completion rate in ST Math. The students are (from left) Cecilia Rico, Rian Anderson, Alexus Calvin, Banesa Manzo Gonzalez and Rayne Phelps. Other dignitaries joining Bach for the event included Police Chief Pete Carey, Deputy Fire Chief Steve Dubay, and Board of Education members LuAnn Long and Janet Tanner. The mayor presents such awards to various individuals and entities around the city as a way of celebrating significant achievements. Developed by a national company called the MIND Research Institute, ST Math is a game-based software program for grades K-12 that has been offered in District 11 for the past three years to augment the regular math curriculum. (ST stands for “spatial-temporal.”) To see the original Westside Pioneer article last May, when the news was first revealed, go to this link.
LEFT: Mayor Bach introduces the audience to Suzy Sanchez, who is an intern in his office and also an Olympic weightlifter in the 105.6 pound category. "I'm not so very big, am I?" Sanchez said to the students, making the point that will power, not size, is what makes the difference. Principal Cramer is at left. Also in the photo is Luann Long, president of the District 11 Board of Education. RIGHT: Midland students were seated on the floor of the school gym during Bach's presentation.
Gigi, the penguin symbol of ST Math. makes an appearance after Mayor Bach's Spirit of the Springs award presentation in the Midland Elementary gym Aug. 29. Also enjoying the visit (standing and sitting in back) are school staffers and various student family and friends.

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(Posted 9/1/14; Schools: Midland Elementary)

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