Race left ‘tangible benefit’ on Westside
       Although the Westside “took one for the team” from the street closures of Aug. 22 as well as from prior failures of the race organizers and the city to communicate with local businesses [Editor's Desk, Aug. 25 Westside Pioneer], there was some tangible benefit to the area: a flurry of street maintenance and repairs immediately before the race on Ridge Road and West Pikes Peak Avenue from Ridge Road east. A number of places near the intersection were dug and patched. Voids in the asphalt near the edge of the gutters on Pikes Peak, which had been there for years, suddenly got filled. The streets were swept, striped, and swept again. Tree branches that had been hanging over West Pikes Peak, some obscuring road signs, suddenly got trimmed and removed. Weeds growing out of the cracks at the edges of gutters were burned away.
       It was nice seeing these tasks get done. Unfortun-ately, they were obviously pushed to the top of the priority list at the expense of things that were almost certainly more urgent. But I don't know what projects got bumped, so I don't know what took that hit. It also seems unfortunate that these things were done for the sake of the racers and to present a good appearance for visitors and viewers of the race, rather than for the benefit of the people who actually live here and pay for these services. But at least, as I said before, it was nice seeing these things get done.

Kurt Foster