New Coronado student president getting parade organized

       Elected last spring, Drew MacMillan, the 2011-12 Coronado High student president, believes the post offers meaningful ways to “give to the community,” he said in an interview this week. “It's kind of cool to bring people together,” he said.

Drew MacMillan

       The senior leader will get an early opportunity to do just that, with the 41st annual Coronado High School Homecoming Parade coming up Saturday morning, Sept. 24.
       Highlighting student bands, floats and marchers from Coronado and its feeder schools - and cheered on by several hundred supporters - the parade will go east on Colorado Avenue through Old Colorado City to a pep rally in Bancroft Park.
       New this year will be a PTA-sponsored pancake breakfast in the park, starting at 8 a.m., which Coronado students, parents and administrators hope will raise significant amounts of money to help with future parade expenses.
       Paying for the parade has become a prominent concern for the school, as costs in recent years - triggered mainly by increased city safety requirements - have increased at the same time that spending cuts have left the school with little or no funds to help out.
       MacMillan thanked the 2010-11 student president, Maria Escobar, for leaving the parade fund in good shape going into this year and working with him on a general transition into the office. “She kind of helped me out and passed things down,” he said.
       Mac-Millan previously attended Chipeta Elemen-tary and Holmes Middle School. Before getting into student government at Coronado, MacMillan's main extracurricular activity was baseball. He's on the school team, pitching and playing shortstop. Academically, he's leaning toward aerospace engineering, he said.

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