7 sculptures on Westside for this year’s butterfly event

       Butterfly sculptures have returned to the Westside this summer, as part of an annual citywide art-boosting effort by the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

The butterfly sculptures decorating the Westside this year are (from left): "Zodiak A Flutter"; "Flower + Shine"; "Colorado Springs (from Pikes Peak)"; "Creativity Burst"; "Rosa"; "Colorado State Insect: The Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly"; and "Butterfly Landscape."
Westside Pioneer photo

       In all, 31 sculptures were placed around the city in mid-June, with plans to leave them up until Sept. 15. Seven of these went up at six Westside locations.
       This is the fourth year of the Rotary's “Butterflies and Friends” project, in cooperation with Imagination Celebration and supported by close to 50 business sponsors.
       The sculptures will eventually be auctioned off, with earnings used to support the arts in area schools.
       Benefitting in previous years have been West Elementary, West Middle and the Bijou School, Westside schools that have “partnered with Imagination Celebration to have artists-in-residence collaborate with their teachers to integrate arts into their curriculum,” the Butterflies and Friends website states.
       In making the sculptures, each artist starts with a pre-made metal template representing butterfly wings, and is free to create from there.
       The six Westside Butterfly sites, with their seven respective artists and titles are:
  • Garden of the Gods Club, Lupita Carrasco, “Zodiak A Flutter”; Allie M Doersch, “Flower + Shine.”
  • Bancroft Park, Evette Goldstein, “Colorado Springs (from Pikes Peak).”
  • Touch of Class, Julie Holladay, “Creativity Burst.”
  • Squash Blossom, Mia Lynch, “Rosa.”
  • Hunter-Wolff Gallery, Carol A. McIntyre, “Colorado State Insect: The Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly.”
  • Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, Mimi Mitchell, “Butterfly Landscape.”

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