Wanted: Former BV staff, students for building’s 100th

       The centennial birthday for the original Buena Vista Elementary School, 1628 W. Bijou St., will feature Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia, presenting a special award. It will also offer guided tours, hotdogs, cake and souvenirs and chances to view memorabilia and meet former staff and students at a four- hour “community celebration” Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Holding an invitation card recently mailed out to past school staffers, Alan Rasmussen stands between signs - one identifying the building as (left) current home of the Westside Community Center and the other (right) as past home of Buena Vista Elementary.
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       Regarding past staff and students, the more the merrier is the basic policy for the organizing committee headed by former principal Alan Rasmussen. In fact, anyone from the old school - which operated from 1911 until the site became the Westside Community Center two years ago - can show up anytime during the event and expect a hearty welcome.
       As for anyone with old BV photos, now would be a good time to bring them in. Rasmussen said a volunteer project is about to get started that will create enlarged copies of and frames for such historical images, then post them on the inside walls. “If people want to send them, the sooner the better,” said Rasmussen, whose tenure (1988 to 2005) was the longest of any Buena Vista principal.
       Rasmussen's committee mailed invitations in August to 280 old staff for which addresses were available. But there was no certainty as to how many of those addresses were current, and quite a few of the postcards are coming back undeliverable, Rasmussen said.
       He's also planning to put up posters at the local King Soopers stores, contact other media and in general “spread the word” about Sept. 24, he said.
       For more information on the event, call Rasmussen at 636-3308. A BV centennial website is also under construction and should be up and running soon, he said.
       Garcia will present a state award to the center in recognition of its “community partnership,” Rasmussen said. The center has been leased from the city since April 2010 by the community action arm of Woodmen Valley Chapel, which has relied heavily on volunteers to maintain popular center activities and add new ones - without city funding.
       The city had been given the BV property a year before that by School District 11 as part of a district consolidation plan that included relocating Buena Vista school operations a half-mile east to the site of a renovated school building (the former Washington Elementary, which the district had closed).
       At Buena Vista's 95th anniversary in 2006, about 100 people attended, including Rasmussen, a student from 1936-1942 and a mother whose daughter was the fifth generation in her family to go to the school.

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