Room for public lot at post office
       If you use the West End Post Office on 26th Street and have trouble finding parking on the street, do you ever wonder why there is no post office-provided parking? Well, the next time you're there, look at the fenced-off lot south and west of the post office building and notice there are only three or four cars parked in a space that could accommodate 15 cars, both employees and customers!
       Because the postal delivery vehicles and mail are now located across Cimarron, the lot is used only by the few employees assigned to the 26th Street facility. Yet we citizens must look for metered parking spaces on the street and just hope the line in the post office is not so long that we'll get a parking ticket.
       I feel it is time that some of the empty spaces in that barely used lot be open to the public and the employees. Other post offices have public parking, except the main office downtown and our West End office. Perhaps there is some significance in the name “West End” It seems we are always expected to make do here on the “West End”!
       Just a thought… you might ask about this the next time you visit our post office and have to give up a parking meter quarter to buy your 41-cent stamps.

Harvey McAnulty
A West End Post Office customer