Ivywild Elementary plans community fair Sept. 3

       Looking ahead to a longer school year, Ivywild Elementary will hold a first-ever community fair on Labor Day.
       The Monday, Sept. 3 event is being put on with the Strengthening Neighborhoods Initiative and several other community organizations, many of which work with Ivywild families. Featuring a barbecue, it will be held in the playground in front of the school, 1064 S. Cascade Ave., from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
       “We will provide information to our parents and community regarding agencies that can be of assistance as well as some of the businesses in the area having booths,” explained Marilyn Eggleston, Ivywild School community liaison. “We are looking to also have jumpies, face painting, games, a bike/scooter parade to the local park and free haircuts for Ivywild students, to name a few things. The entire neighborhood is being invited.”
       Ivywild, with an enrollment of about 135 students, is planning to stay in session this school year until June 19, 2008. The belief is that a longer year helps students retain knowledge because of a shorter summer break. “We didn't want an extended day,” Eggleston said. “Kids shut down after a certain amount of time.”
       Much of the extra school year time will be devoted to week-long “innersessions,” scheduled at intervals, in which the school can “focus on individual kids' needs” and help them stay on a solid educational track, she explained.
       Labor Day has previously been the date of a school barbecue. Last year about 180 people attended, Eggleston said. It's being expanded this year to help solidify Ivywild's part in the community around it.
       The Strengthening Neighborhoods Initiative is an offshoot of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, which has been helping Ivywild. Other community organizations scheduled to set up booths at the fair are the Ivywild Improvement Society, Care & Share, TESSA, Peak Vista, Pikes Peak Library District, Pikes Peak Family Connections, Familia and the Hillside Community Center.

Westside Pioneer/press release