Spruce will go back to two-way

       Due to an apparent mix-up within COSMIX, the wrong information was provided to the Westside Pioneer last week, resulting in the erroneous news in the Aug. 23 issue that Spruce Street would remain one-way southbound from Bijou Street past Pikes Peak Avenue after the Bijou bridge opens in October.
       “Sometimes there are conflicting bits of information that come through the office, and the information isn't relayed as it should be,” said Kyle Troxel, spokesman for Rockrim-mon Constructors, the contractor for the I-25 widening project. “COSMIX is huge, there are a lot of stakeholders and a lot of parties to go through. Ninety-nine percent of the time our communications are effective.”
       It can only be speculated whether business response to the article had any impact. Mike Morrisey, a liquor store owner in that area, angrily called Troxel as soon as he saw the story, arguing that a one-way southbound scenario could result in El Paso County Human Services clients (just south of the alley) cutting through commercial parking lots to go north to Bijou and I-25.
       After being updated by COSMIX staff, Troxel visited all the Bijou-Spruce businesses and reassured them that Spruce would be restored to a two-way.
       “I'm ecstatic,” Morrissey said at the news.
       Spruce was made one-way during the project to ease the detour for southbound motorists who exit the interstate at Bijou but need to use Colorado Avenue to get downtown.

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