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Letter: Disappointed about city role in loss of Westside events

       I happened to be on the Westside this morning and picked up a copy of the Westside Pioneer. I read the lead story with the headline "City blamed as Car Show gone/Coronado parade on the edge."
       I read the article with interest because a few years ago we were in basically the same situation. I belonged to a volunteer band that used to play a free concert at Bancroft every Wednesday in June. We were told we had to have security and a plethora of other "necessities" that would have cost the band approximately $405. Since it was a volunteer outfit, we had no funds. The audiences seemed to enjoy the concerts, but the requirements to continue were usury. Therefore, we found other venues for our concerts.
       Now, I see that the same people are continuing this nonsensical system. The folks always seemed to enjoy the concerts. To put on the concert, one person from Park and Rec came to the bandshell, unlocked the chair storage area and turned on 2-4 100w bulbs.
       This reader cannot believe that Park and Rec thinks this is a good idea and still trying the same thing with the Good Times Car Show, which I'm sure brought a considerable amount of revenue to Old Colorado City.
       Further, Coronado High School's Homecoming parade may be stopped as well. Coronado's overall city cost for this parade (street closure/park rental) that lasts no longer than an hour is $8,000, according to Principal Smith. Can the city defend this?

       Mary Goulet

(Posted 9/4/16; Opinion: Letters)

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