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Letter: Pioneer's state-rep questions failed to 'elevate the discussion'

       I am writing as a resident of House District 18, an unaffiliated previous candidate for public office and as one with historical registration in both parties (differing years) for primary elections.
       Your question of the day is why a candidate [incumbent Pete Lee] would refuse to return a questionnaire. My answer, as it would have been when I was a candidate, starts with the belief that government is what we decide to do together. Most issues are nuanced and effective responses require careful consideration of many views.
       We live in a perilous time, and had best remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand.
       Questionnaires that are patently partisan and carefully phrased to imply correct responses do not serve the public interest. Questions in the Pioneer list demean issues of civil rights and social justice and reduce complex environmental issues to assumed consequences.
       A publication that has professionally served the Westside for many years should try to elevate discussion. It should explore nuance in issues and educate the electorate. This is a weakness of most media presentations in this election cycle. As the questionnaire does not serve this critical need, my surprise is that only one of the candidates has declined to participate.

       David Anderson

       Westside Pioneer Editor Kenyon Jordan replied to the letter-writer as follows:
       "Elevate the discussion," David? Like maybe ask the favorite flavor of toothpaste?
       Frankly, if the incumbent can't even say yes or no to very real questions like bringing foreign refugees into Colorado, the implications of the "white privilege" term (speak of divisiveness), or what side he's on in the growing storm of LGBT vs. Christianity, then I think this tells the potential District 18 voters a lot. And if you don't care about issues like those, then what does that say about you?
       I also didn't miss your innuendo that maybe now our paper no longer is "professionally serving" people - apparently that's only true in your eyes if our politics are in line with yours. Pretty shallow thinking for an "elevated" man.

       Note: (For the Westside Pioneer article on Lee's refusal to answer the Pioneer's D-18 candidate questions, go to this link.)
       (For the Westside Pioneer article listing the questions and Cameron Forth's responses, go to this link.)

(Posted 9/3/16; Opinion: Letters)

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