Annual vintage baseball match at Rock Ledge

       Local lads who were raised in the proper way (for the most part, at least) will take on the out-and-out rapscallions (we have it on good authority) known as the Territorial All-Stars in the annual vintage baseball game at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site on Labor Day Monday, Sept. 1.
       Game time will be 1 p.m. Played on the Rock Ledge hayfield, the event is included with the price of admission that day to the city-owned 1880s-style working ranch ($6 for adults; $4 for seniors and teens and $2 for children).
       The contest uses 1860s baseball rules, including no fielding gloves, umpires polling the “cranks” (an 1860s term for fans) before making a close call, and batters being called out if their “air balls” (flies) are caught on the first bounce.
       The Rock Ledge team, known as the Camp Creek Cloudbusters, tend to be the underdogs because the All-Stars usually consist of experienced “ballists” (players) who spend all summer playing in a Denver-area vintage baseball league.
       The Cloudbusters are coming off an 11-3 victory in last year's Labor Day game. The losers' excuse was that several of their ballists were playing in a tournament elsewhere that day. They will be present this time, pledged Roger Hadix of the All-Stars (although he stopped short of predicting victory).
       There is no seating for the game, but cranks are welcome to bring blankets, lawn chairs and picnic lunches. Swearing is of course not allowed, but vintage expressions such as “humbug,” “fiddlesticks,” “flapdoodle” or 'Go tell it to the Marines'” are not only accepted but welcome.
       The Rock Ledge entrance/parking lot is off Gateway Road at 30th Street. Labor Day marks the end of the Wednesday-to-Sunday summer season at Rock Ledge.
       For more information, call 578-6777.

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