West Center to hold open house Aug. 28

       The West Center will hold an open house Friday, Aug. 28 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at its new 1628 W. Bijou St. location.

BELOW: The Buena Vista Elementary marquee next to 17th Street, as shown on its last day ever May 22. ABOVE: The same marquee with a West Center banner hoisted over it this week.
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       Visitors will be offered snacks and tours of the center, which is in the former Buena Vista school facility.
       Center staffers will also invite people to submit suggestions for a new center name, he said. The formal name had been West Center for Intergenerational Learning when it was located in a corner of West Middle School, but it was tentatively shortened to “West Center” after moving away from there last June.
       “We want to see if we can come up with a unique name,” Rucker said.
       In the midst of the relocation, Rucker has been concerned about the center's future, because city administrators have targeted the center to close if a mill levy increase does not pass at the November election.
       In any case, for the open house, “we'll have our good faces on,” Rucker said. “We won't intitiate anything, because we don't want to concentrate on the negative, but if anybody asks, we won't tell a lie.”
       The place will be cooler for the open house than it ever was during its educational days, with an $89,000 air conditioning system having been installed this week, according to Rucker, as part of the agreement when District 11 handed the property title over to the city in late May.
       The center provides classes and programs for all ages, some free and some with a fee.
       For more information, call 385-7920.

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