Increasing definition to Red Rock horse area

       A volunteer work crew installed about 200 feet of pole fencing in the horse-trailer area at the north end of the 31st Street trailhead for Red Rock Canyon Open Space Aug. 22.

Volunteers install post fencing at the 31st Street trailhead of Red Rock Canyon Open Space during a workday Aug. 22. When finished, the fence will better define the horse trailer area at the trailhead, according to City Parks.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The work represented about two-thirds of the amount needed, according to Vince Cloward of the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC), which helped organize the effort. A sign identifying that the area is for horses was also installed.
       The remainder of the work (including the remaining fencing and a hitching post) will be handled at a later date by City Parks workers using power equipment, according to Sarah Bryarly, who is coordinating the project for the department. The holes needed for the fence posts go into bedrock, and making them “takes forever with rock bars,” she said.
       The volunteers at the workday numbered nine volunteers and three from the Back Country Horsemen group, Cloward said.
       Bryarly said the fencing is needed “to define that area as a horse trailer parking lot.” It will also help block off social trails “that go straight up the hill [into inner Red Rock Canyon],” she said. “We want people to stop doing that.”
       The trailhead's north end is where the city would like people to go if they have horse trailers and plan to ride in Red Rock Canyon. Bryarly said that there is room in the defined area for up to seven trailers.

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