Landscaping at library completing Phase 3

       Phase 3, the final phase of the Old Colorado City Library building restoration that started five years ago, is nearing completion.
       In the past week, workers have removed the juniper bushes and landscaping rocks in front of the building, with low-water plantings to take their place in early September, according to Gary Syling, facilities manager for the Pikes Peak Library District. The sign will remain.
       Syling added that he is not sure about the tree at the south end of the lot, near the building; sitting out on a concrete island by the lot may be too hot an environment for it.
       Minor landscaping work around the parking lot is also planned, along with a new outside bookdrop that will have one side for books and the other side for the more fragile CDs and DVDs, according to Old Colorado City Branch Manager Jocelyne Sansing.
       Phase 3 actually started in January with the installation of seven new, historic-style lights for the parking lot at a cost of $14,000. Design and implementation for the current upgrades will cost $13,000, Syling said. The money is what remains from the $1.2 million Phases 1 and 2 on the 105-year-old building, which included structural work, new buildings systems and a full restoration of the interior.
       While less major than the initial phases, Sansing said she hopes the Phase 3 landscaping will give the exterior an “extra special” look that will “set the building off as people come up Colbrunn Court.”
       The Old Colorado City library was originally built with a $10,000 donation from millionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

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