EDITORíS DESK: Westside takes one for the team

       Developing a balanced news story is never a cakewalk, especially when it has complexities of the wheels-within-wheels kind. The Prologue bicycle event (no pun intended) was like that. On the one hand was a virtual floodtide of pro-Colorado Springs marketing pressure to back an event that put the city in the best possible light before a broad, international television audience. So it would have been easy to just wash along with that tide. After all, aren't we a community newspaper, and doesn't that mean supporting what's good for the community?
       There's just this pesky "other hand." And that took shape in responses to the question we put to several Westside entrepreneurs after the event: How good was it for you? Note that it was us making the calls. Our phones weren't ringing off the hook with complaints from dismayed business owners. They were just going to quietly suck it up, yet again. Take one for the team, so to speak. The downtown had the finish line. The downtown had the festivities, the winners on the podium, the speeches from the movers and shakers. What did we get? Well, a great show by professional bike racers, no question (another part of the complexities). But beyond that, what we got was a patchwork quilt of closed streets, impromptu school crossings, no-parking signs and outside spectators trampling our prettiest areas (witness the nincompoop in a yellow jersey who climbed Gray Rock with a bicycle so he could get on TV, then waited while taxpayer-supported firefighters spent hours with climbing ropes to "rescue" him) and doing little if any shopping.
       But so what. Jealousy is not a Westside thing. Our business people, I've found, generally ignore downtown favoritism and look for ways to spruce up their own turf (literally of late with Old Colorado City's new sod). In a similar vein, the folks we talked to invariably remarked that even if the Prologue didn't help them personally, it probably was good for the town. Admirable sentiments. We agree. On yet another other hand, event organizers, great job, but how about next year "balancing" the favors a little more evenly? That might be good for the town too.

- K.J.