City Streets still planning to fogseal Uintah, Fontmore

       Uintah Street and Fontmore Road each recently received a chipseal resurfacing, which has left numerous loose rock chips in the vicinity.
       However, City Streets, which did the work, has not forgotten those major Westside streets. According to Tom Francese, programs supervisor for City Streets, the city is sweeping up the stray chips “diligently,” and a fogseal treatment to bind the rest of the chips to the street should be accomplished by early September.
       Unlike a Denver contractor that needed less than a week to chipseal most of the streets in the Midland area last June, Francese said the city has too many other projects to do a similar sort of all-out effort. Also, he said, the contractor used a vacuum sweeper, which picked up the loose rocks more efficiently than the mechanical sweepers the city owns, which are better suited for picking up leaves and other debris.
       However, he believes the city's finished product will be comparable in the end.
       The Uintah chipseal resurfacing area is from Walnut Street to 19th Street; Fontmore's from Mesa Road to 31st Street.
       Chipseal is a economical, alternate road surface that extends the life of pavement.

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