In 21st year, Car Show in Old Town still impresses

       More than 380 vehicles of random vintage attracted the usual thousands of gawkers in Old Colorado City Aug. 19 for the 21st annual Good Times Car Show.

Good Times Car Show Aug. 19 in Old Colorado City... Newer cars in the 2600 block.
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       Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 27th streets was closed for the event, and a live band called Old Dogs played on the Bancroft Park stage.
       Pam Campbell of the Colorado Cruizers, one of three car clubs that organized the event (the other two were Rocky Mountain Mustangers and the Southern Colorado Mopars) described it as “the biggest car show in southern Colorado.” The record number of entries was 436 in 2009, but since then the clubs have capped the maximum at 400 because of space limitations.
       From entry fees, the sponsors donate to the Canine Companions for Independence, a national nonprofit that provides trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to people with disabilities. Campbell said the financial totals had not yet been finalized for this year, but based on usual event costs - mainly to close the avenue and pay for police - Canine Companions should receive “at least $4,000.”
       The Car Show is open to all makes, models and types, “from ones that are all original to ones that are all torn up,” said Campbell, who has been helping organize it almost since it started - including before the show moved from the Citadel to Old Colorado City 18 years ago.

Good Times Car Show Aug. 19 in Old Colorado City... An unlkely combination - a 383 Corvette V-8 engine in a 1964 Chevrolet Nova. The car was a birthday present from Ron Wood to his wife Shelly.
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At the Good Times Car Show Aug. 19, a youngster checks out a customized 1937 Ford dubbed "Colorado Kid" by owner Dominic Olson.
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       Cars are judged in 10 categories, with 85 trophies handed out in all. “That's one for every four cars, which is really nice,” Campbell said.
       One of the winners this year was Bob Duxbury, receiving the Levi J. Horn Memorial Trophy for cars 1990 and later. His vehicle was the light, sporty-looking K-1 Attack. The model is only available as a kit, which consists merely of body and frame parts. “Everything else, you just figure out what you want to do,” he said.
       In his case, he used mostly Acura TL parts, including a 260 horsepower V6 engine. Working out of a four-car garage that's populated with other restoration projects, “it took me two years to build,” said the Castle Rock engineer. “I finished June 11 and I've done a lot of charity shows since then.”
       He's pleased with the result, noting that he's driven up to 100 mph without any problems. But with the car's racing look, he knows he'd better be careful. Duxbury laughed at an award he received for the K-1 at a previous car show: “Most Likely to be Stopped by Cops.”
       An unusual custom car at the show was a 1964 Nova outfitted with a Corvette V-8 engine. Ron Wood, who owns an RV mobile service, said he had the work done - by restoration specialist Cliff Cox, who was also at the Car Show - as a birthday present for his wife Shelly, a Nova fan.
       He likes to join other customizers in showing their cars to shut-ins at nursing homes.

Scenes from the Good Times Car Show in Old Colorado City Aug. 19... A muscled-up 1927 Ford draws attention from onlookers. The owners were listed as "Judy and daughter Dewar," and a sticker on the back shows Betty Boop with hearts and the message "Oooh, you just got passed by a GIRL!"
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       The Nova work, which basically redid the car, inside and out, wasn't cheap. “I haven't even figured up the bill,” Wood chuckled. “I'm afraid to.”
       The father-son team of Mike Bukowski (senior and junior) got together to fix up two very different types of cars at the show: a 1931 Oldsmobile A-Bone with a Chevy engine and a 1965 Plymouth Fury. According to Mike Jr., the Fury was a former state patrol car from the first year such vehicles were specialized for law enforcement.

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Scenes from the Good Times Car Show in Old Colorado City Aug. 19... Bob Duxbury with the K-1 Attack he built from a frame/body kit, filling it out mostly with Acura TL parts.
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