EDITOR'S DESK: Not bad for their city

       A lot of the time, it's easy to be cynical of city government. First off, living on the Westside, there's already a chip on many a shoulder. Seriously, is it that radical to suggest deannexation? Just because a bunch of people going broke in Colorado City in 1917 scraped together enough votes to join Palmer's upstart town...
       But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about today (much as it may hurt) is how responsive the City of Colorado Springs has been of late. This issue is full of examples. Take the Cimarron bridge replacement. Instead of just doing what they jolly well pleased, City Council and staff made the effort to find out what the public and business people wanted - including Council member Jerry Heimlicher letting his cell phone number be printed in these very pages!
       Then there are those two big paving projects coming up on our side of town. City honchos may not have deduced the potential flashpoints between the avenue and Old Colorado City parking lot overlay jobs, but now that local merchants have brought that matter to their attention, meetings are being held to work things out.
       Another example is the Territory Days "debrief" meeting last week, where City Parks gave its opponents the chance to blow off steam and even come up with an idea or two to make it better.
       It's too bad we can't be so rosy about all types of area government these days. City Council members themselves will get a taste of that at their Aug. 27 meeting when the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) drops in with its Highway 24 dog-and-pony show and talk about a greenway "vision" that's been proven to mean they only welcome people who agree with them. Let's hope council, before acting on it one way or the other, continues its recent pattern of looking to citizens for feedback.

- K.J.